I’ve Lost My Cat or Dog

If you have lost your cat or dog, don’t despair!  But you must act quickly. Here are some helpful suggestions and tips on finding your lost pet.

Things to Do Immediately When you Lose Your Pet

  1. If your inside kitty has escaped, secure all pets and leave your doors open so the cat can come back inside once he has settled down. Most cats will not go far once outside because they are scared. Leaving the doors open gives it the opportunity to come back to safety. Many cats will return once it is dark and the house is quiet.
  2. Post signs in your neighborhood and at nearby major intersections. The signs should contain the following: a clear picture of your pet, the date your pet was lost, closest intersection to where lost, brief description, your phone numbers.
  3. Give the signs to your postman, garbage man, school bus drivers, neighbors, neighborhood kids, policeman, yardman, and post it in local vet’s offices, Petco’s, Petsmart’s, playgrounds and grocery stores and on NextDoor.com 
  4. Search your neighborhood. Walk/drive/ride your bicycle around your neighborhood at dawn and dusk calling for your pet – your pet may be injured and not able to get back home.
  5. Check with the following shelters at least every other day and take a copy of your sign to the shelter. Shelters only have to hold a lost pet for 72 hours before they can be killed.
    Harris County Animal Control (the County Pound), (281) 999-3191
    Bureau of Animal Regulation & Care (the City Pound), (713) 238-2170
    Houston SPCA, (713) 869-8227
    Houston Humane Society, (713) 433-6421
    Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), (713) 497-0534
    Special Pals, (281) 579-7220
  6. Contact as many local rescue groups as you can find online and email them a copy of your sign.
  7. Put a Lost Pet ad out on the internet including Craig’s List and these shelters:

    Houston SPCA (http://www.houstonspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=copy_of_LF_Found_Dog
    Houston Humane Society (http://www.houstonhumane.org/lost-and-found/ ),
    BARC (http://www.houstontx.gov/barc/lostpets/index.php )
    CAP (http://www.cap4pets.org/pet-care/lost-pets )

    www.pets911.com ,
    www.fidofinder.com  (dogs only)
    www.findtoto.com (dogs only)
    www.petharbor.com (and their Lost Pet postcards)
    www.tabbytracker.com (cats only)
  8. Refer to this web site for advice / tips on finding a lost pet or finding the home of a found pet:  http://www.missingpetpartnership.org/
  9. Most important: don’t give up!  It could take several weeks or even months to find your pet.

AND REMEMBER: ALWAYS  KEEP ID TAGS  ON  YOUR  PET!  An ID tag is your pet’s quickest way home (and microchip your pet too).

If you would like to email us your Lost Cat or Lost Dog flyer, in case someone contacts us about a found cat/dog matching the description of your pet, please use these email addresses:  Ilostmycat@homelesspets.net or Ilostmydog@homelesspets.net