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    How many cats did you find?

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    If you found kittens, please indicate how many you have in each age group: (select "0" if none)

    # of Infant/Needs Bottle Feeding Eyes open?Ears standing up?Have teeth?

    # of Juvenile 2-6 months Friendly?Shy?Wild or scared?

    # of 6+ months Friendly?Shy?Wild or scared?

    Are you able to foster the cats inside until permanent homes are found?

    How long are you willing to foster the animal(s) in your care?

    If unable to foster, why not?

    **If you are unable to foster please do not answer any of the questions below.**


    If you are able to foster, please answer the following questions.

    Do you own or rent your home?

    If renting:

    Landlord's name Landlord's phone number

    Have you talked to your landlord about fostering these cats?

    Are you older than 21 years? If No, please provide your age:

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    How did you learn about HOPE?

    Are you currently volunteering or have you volunteered with other animal rescue/adoption groups?
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    If Yes, which one(s)?


    Do you have pets now?

    If yes, please list below. If No, go down to "FOSTERING QUESTIONS"
    Animal #1
    Altered? Vaccinations current?
    Animal #2
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    Animal #3
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    List any additional animals here

    Where do your pets stay during the day?
    Where do they stay at night?

    Have your cats been tested for FeLV/FIV?

    Are your cats negative for FeLV?

    Are your cats negative for FIV?

    Personal Veterinarian's name, clinic, & phone #:

    May we have your permission to request information from your veterinarian?



    Where will the foster animal stay:

    At night? During the day?

    When you're not home? If isolation is required?

    Are you willing to keep animals caged or crated?

    What kind of animal behavior would you find unacceptable?

    Who will have primary responsibility for foster animal(s)?

    Do children live at or frequently visit your home?

    If so, indicate age(s):

    Who, if anyone, in your household is allergic to cats/dogs?


    I would like to set up an evaluation of my rescued cats. I understand that the spots may already be filled for the upcoming weekend and I must receive confirmation of an appointment and will not just show up at the site. Please rate the sites in the order of preference:

    Saturday Only:
    Petco Heights - Shepherd & 11th Street (1-3pm) Preference: 1st2nd3rd

    Sunday Only:
    Le Bone Pet Spa - Pearland (1-3pm) Preference: 1st2nd3rd

    Petco River Oaks - Shepherd close to West Gray (1-3pm) Preference: 1st2nd3rd


    If your rescued cats are accepted into the HOPE program, do you agree to the following:

    • I agree to bring the (cat)s identified on HOPE Cat Rescuer Evaluation Forms to adoptions at least twice monthly. I understand that if I fail to meet this requirement for 3 consecutive months, HOPE will not pay for any additional vetting unless the cat was not attending for medical related issues. If a rabies vaccine is necessary for my foster cat(s) to be able to attend adoptions, I will be responsible for paying for the vaccine but can request reimbursement (up to the amount paid at a HOPE vet) once the cat(s) have been in compliance for 3 months. I understand that any cat(s) who have not attended adoptions in 6 months will need to be re-evaluated for the HOPE program or will be removed from the program at that time.

    • I am able to stay and help out at adoptions at a minimum of once a month.

    • I can drive my foster animal to one of HOPE's veterinary clinics when needed.

    • I agree to provide indoor accommodations in my home, food, water, litter, and appropriate socialization for these cats.

    • If indicated, I will provide isolation quarters and administer HOPE-provided medication, or be responsible for their administration, as prescribed.

    • If an animal requires additional medical attention, I will consult with the designated HOPE medical contact person immediately and follow instructions provided, including transporting the foster animal to a designated veterinary clinic.

    • I will cover veterinary costs for any foster animal while it is in my care if such costs are the result of pre-existing conditions of negligence on my part.

    • I also understand that if my personal cats become ill due to a foster cat's illness, I am responsible for treating my own cats.

    • If an animal is adopted and subsequently returned, I will again foster it until another permanent home can be found.

    • I will foster these animals until adopted. If for any reason I can no longer provided foster care for the animal(s) described on HOPE Cat Rescuer Intake Evaluation Forms, I agree to contact my HOPE Buddy and the HOPE intake coordinator immediately, but I acknowledge that another foster home is likely not available. If an animal that I am fostering is not adopted through HOPE for any reason, I agree to reimburse HOPE the adoption fee.

    • I agree to keep all documentation, including all medical information, on the animal(s) accurate and up-to-date, and to serve as the primary source of information for applicants or adopters.

    • I acknowledge and agree that any contact I have with animals in connection with the HOPE program is undertaken at my own risk, and hereby release HOPE and any of its representatives and/or agents from any and all liability associated with fostering, handling, or interacting with HOPE animals.

    • I understand that if my rescued cats are accepted into the program, I must become a HOPE member, the cost of which is $30. Membership fee is due at time of evaluation.

    • I understand that Pet of the Week attendance is mandatory.

    • Date (YYYY-MM-DD):
      HOPE Representative: _____________________________________________
      HOPE Foster Buddy: ________________________________________________

      Notes: _________________________________________________________________________
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